Breaking Generational Curses with Forgiveness

While laying on my bed after putting the girls to bed for the night, I was finished.  The weekend seemed filled with mountains of whining.  I'm sure my words were not as gentle towards the closing of the door.  Do you ever feel like that?  You just want to be done with it.  You snap and it feels the moment.  
But, what I see is that God is wanting more from me for the sake of these girls future.  Not that I hit myself when I fail; rather, that I humble myself to go to a three year old & five year old and ask for forgiveness.  
It's because, 
When I am breathing this side of heaven’s last breaths, I want to leave a legacy of a forgiving heart.  Our world needs more reconciling forgiveness than anything.  There’s a powerful grace in forgiveness.  When our parents have hurt us, or we have hurt our children or spouse, or ex-spouse...when those four words spill out, “Will You Forgive Me?” Jesus can’t not be present there.  
Join me over at MomHeart today as I share my story of breaking generational curses & leaving a legacy through the power of forgiveness.