Our Tables Should Not be Stumbling Blocks

Justice, Mercy & Love with Food at our Tables

The apostle Paul in his letter to the church of Corinth, wrote about eating food sacrificed to idols, which you can read more about in 'Not All in the Name.'  He wrote about not eating the meat served to idols if it caused a brother or sister to stumble.  He also said to not serve it to the brother or sister who was too weak to eat it.  What he reconciles is Psalm 24, citing that the earth is the Lord's and everything given in thanksgiving to God can be received.  This gave permission to those who did not stumble and/or were not too weak to eat the meat.  

How does this translate today?  


This translates into serving food to a person who has a very clear food conviction, which goes outside of that food conviction (even if you think it ridiculous or don't adhere to the same standards, which I'll go into more in the next couple days).  Food is second to loving the person--this is key.

I often see people associating this with someone being vegan, vegetarian, or another religious conviction.  But I'm going to weigh in on another food related topic.


What about the couple coming over for dinner who struggles with over eating, or weight issues?  Would serving that dessert be beneficial or loving to them?  Too often in Christian circles these verses of not making another brother stumble is equated with alcohol, while desserts & sugars are not.  

I clearly remember Ben saying how he got annoyed with this application of Scripture, while he argued that he found it hard to say no to desserts and that is just as big of a stumbling block in his life.  I don't believe this means I should never make a dessert for others, specifically those who are overweight.  Rather, it's something I know I need to be highly sensitive & conscientious about.  

In our family, I have learned how to use my love of baking as a creative outlet, while loving my family by not having the goods around "too often;" as I know it can become that stumbling block.  

Weigh in with your thoughts!