Q&A: How to Adapt to Grain-free & Refined Sugar Free Baking

Continuing on with the Q&A as I am focusing on baking.  Recipes you might find at Redeeming the Table and how I've changed my baking ingredients since transferring to a more Paleo focus eating lifestyle.  One main ingredient is blanched almond flour.  Unlike wheat flour, almond flour is less fine in texture, but I find it more European style baking (cakes a bit more dense & full).  There are some limitations to baking this way, but overall, I enjoy the challenge.


I noticed you have recipes that are not Paleo or carb specific, how come?

Well, in a land far, far away, and in a time, long, long ago...I once baked with grains, refined sugars & other typical ingredients found in a cookbook.  I also created or adapted recipes based on those ingredients for the majority of my existence.  And, since you might realize that some authors have books published on ideas they use to hold to, but since changed their views...the books still exist.  Same holds true to my recipes here.  I put in time & effort and don't want to delete that hard work.  I also recognize that those recipes are still used by people who do not adhere to primal or Paleo eating.  So that's why. 


How do you bake now?  What do you substitute for traditional ingredients?

Since removing wheat & gluten from my baking, I primarily use blanched almond flour from Honeyville & coconut flour.  I am currently looking into starting my own gluten-free wild yeast starter for baking (using teff, quinoa, & brown rice with water grains).  I still use butter, I buy Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed from Trader Joe's.  I use this to make ghee.  I buy chocolate by the bar, which is 72% cacao and Fair Trade (one of my food ideologies about caring for the individual in the industry).  I primarily use raw honey from Azure Standard and dates to sweeten, while using coconut sugar or fruit sweetener on occasion.  Since no one in our family is allergic to eggs, we use them quite a bit and part of my baking.  I will also use coconut butter, unsweetened cocoa, my homemade bourbon vanilla (not gluten free, but so good) or a GF vanilla, varied spices, seasonal fruit, and citrus zests to enliven the baked good.     

 Here is my substitution list:

In place of:                                                       Use this:

Cornstarch                                                        Arrowroot powder

Baking powder (contains corn)                           Baking soda/corn-free baking powder

Canola, vegetable, corn oil                                 Coconut oil

regular sugar                                                    Raw Honey, dates, coconut sugar

Eggs                                                                 Eggs




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