Five Minute Friday: Identity

Linking up with Lisa-Jo at Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday



My identity is a wrestling.

Jacob wrestling with God to show who he is.

Mother, wife, writer, cook, giver of hospitality, singer...fill in the blank, but truly it's none of these.

What if these hands couldn't chop veggies?

What if this mouth couldn't decipher taste?

What if this womb couldn't hold an egg & sperm?

Would my worth be less? No!
You are mine & I call you above all creation, "TOV,"---"VERY!"

"Very Good!"

Everything else is good, but my children are TOV. They are very. You have my image stamped on you & you are approved.

Nothing you do or can accomplish this lifetime give you an identity, but that I created you in my likeness.

The mute, disabled, paralyzed, dumb--oh their identity is just as rich as J. Lo's, Brad & Angelina and the President.