Christian Call of Sharing Your Table (& Hospitality)

Why should we share our table?  Why should we make room for others?  

In September, my baby died in the early stages of life.  In October, while I was at the Relevant Conference (now Allume Conference), a new friend sprang forth with boldness & a deep soul to soul hug, her name is Logan.

On November 30th, I left my church building after practicing the song "A Thousand Things," which I would sing on Sunday morning in tribute to sharing part of my story of life not fulfilled here. That Wednesday evening I knew I needed to pick up a test.  The kind with one or two lines.  At home, the two lines indicated...I had been given a gift.  Not asked for, just given.

On Christmas day, I received a text from Logan saying, "I'm pregnant!"  Our babies would be due a month apart.  The day I would go in for my scheduled 20 week ultrasound is the same morning she would text me with, "Our baby died at 13 weeks," she was then 16 weeks.  

Today, the day before Good Friday when the world stood still, I read her words of "willing herself to praise."  If you've ever been through loss that ripped your soul in two, you understand the need to will yourself, because it doesn't happen through feeling like it.  

What gripped me was this,

The love of God is stronger than the power of death.  The power of death that would threaten to strangle us with endless grief or sorrow if we let it.  It’s not as strong as the love that hung a savior on the cross for us.

“Don’t let the enemy win,” I heard.  “My love is bigger, stronger, more powerful, everlasting, enduring.  My kingdom come, my will be done, on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.”

I heard Jesus say, "Kamille, this is why you write.  This is why you welcome people to that table of yours.  This is why I call you to a life of hospitality.  I don't call you to perfection, gourmet, pleasing smiles.  I call you to share your table, your life, to make room, because I first loved."

Dear friends--I know some of you in the flesh, and others just a name attached to an avatar.  But, this table, this life, it's meant to be shared.  It's meant to give glimpses of a city that will redeem what was torn asunder in that lush garden.  

Our tables can only be offered as a sacrifice by us.  

You get to bring God's Kingdom here.  We are not called to live under the curse, but to live out Genesis 1 & 2, bringing Jesus banquet redemption.  Whenever our eyes lose sight of this ultimate feast, this reason for living life...then we forget of the glory & power of a Lord who stomped down death's doors, rose on Easter morning leaving that tomb empty.  

Do not believe the lie that this culture, society or even the church espouses that entertaining is hospitality.  That you must have it together, or be an extrovert.  Those are lies from the pit of hell, and you can send them back there.  

I encourage you, just as God did to my sweet friend Logan, to will yourself to offer your table.  To will yourself to bring about Heaven on Earth.  To will yourself past the venomous lies, which highlight your flaws.  God does not call the equip, but he equips the called.  We are all called as His children to be a blessing to the nations, which is genuine hospitality.


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