How do you fill that Jesus Shaped Hole in your Heart?

It's not uncommon to hear my oldest daughter say to me, "Thank you V for setting the table!," which is her specifically telling you how you can give her affirmation.  I laugh to Ben and remark, "She has a black hole of affirmation and I don't know if it can ever be filled."  

And yet, I'm the same way.  I find it remarkably true after writing and posting to the blog.  My words poured out with passion and then it's as if crickets.  I wonder, "am I a good writer? Am I communicating the message well enough? Why does so & so get so much feedback, while I don't?"  These questions seep into my veins becoming the life-support on which I can live...if I choose to let it.  

Jesus says he's the giver of life, he's the good Shepherd who will never leave us or forsake us.  God has created us in his very image, giving us a Jesus/God shaped hole only meant to be filled by him.  Today I'm sharing on this very hole at Sisters in Bloom and I invite you to share in the comments on how I can personally pray for you in this area.  Come join me over there...