Gathered Thoughts: On Not Being Afraid



Whenever we're afraid, 

it's because we don't know enough.

If we understood enough,

we would never be afraid.

--Earl Nightingale


Pinning, my mind races down the hallway of anxiety & disturbed dreams.  Waking to nightmares, with each bathroom break awaiting the blood.  Twenty weeks on Thursday, and living in this fear is not what my spirit wants, desires, to know.  

I hear God speaking when I choose to listen.

You are my child.  This is my child within.  You have nothing to fear.  

An invitation to walk along the still waters, lay in the green pastures.  Not simply an invitation to accept, but a reality to be had.  Yet, how often I take the invitation, post it on the announcement board and walk on by.  

At night I go to bed, fearing the death of my little baby growing.  I fear the labor pains that come with expectant joy in receiving life.  I fear trouble showering on my growing babies.  

...if we understood enough, we would never be afraid.

Jesus is pulling me into him.  He is showing me of his goodness over and over and over.  As the creator hovers over the deep of chaos, bringing he hovers over my soul to bring foundations of peace.  

Maybe it's not about understanding enough, to produce a heart unafraid.  Rather, maybe it's about understanding that we can never be enough on our own & believing that there is a Papa God, the Creator & image bearer giver who is never afraid.

I can rest in the assurance of this carpenter who tells me he is enough, & I choose to believe him hand in hand walking in the shadows of the valley, which lead to still waters.  



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Kamille Scellick

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