Foundations: God is a Writer


Journaling is good to recall upon, and hopefully be encouraged by the words once written.  I hope these encourage the writer & storyteller in you.  Share your story!

Excerpts from a year ago:

We write because it shines God's glory into life.  When we kkep our story to ourselves, we are robbing the world of a shining hope.

*Believe your story is important enough to tell.

*We do not write for comments, but for the unseen world unfolding.

*We tell our story, in order to give a voice to the current mute.

     ---it's like talking to our babies, we speak so that they would speak


We listen--we stop telling to give value to someone else's stories

     ---we make them human


Attraction to the quiet--I want to know their know their story.  

     ---extroverts pay mind to this when encountering introverts


We are the letters that God is writing to those who seek him.


If I couldn't fail.

     ---I would teach a storyteller class.  Telling Your Story.


Personal Stories:  Do your stories breathe life?


When you tell a story--it's important to know the dynamics of a story.


Ask questions. Discovering your story. Listen. Tell Your Story.