Complete Abandon with My Jesus (Relentless Love)

(This is part of a song I wrote in college)

Twirling in a sundress, singing pretty,

thinking of honey & the bumble bee.  

Oh how sweet the taste is of Jesus.  

Father you're lovely for making me.  

Cause I know that this is love.

For I see it in your eyes.  

Yes I know that this is love,

cause it's been there all my life. 

When I sing, I feel complete abandon.  I let my fingers strum smoothly or clumsily; as I sing in cadence or fill in with some "mmm's," because my Jesus doesn't take score.  When I sing, I feel like Lucy riding on the back of Aslan, stroking his mane.  She knew how to plunge right in.  

I often forget that place; but, as a little girl, I knew that place all too well.  I knew my Jesus.  I wasn't ashamed of him.  I simply loved him for who he was & who he said I was.  But, like any story, the world's waves came crashing down on my seven year old heart.  What I knew of this world was Jesus' goodness. I had an untainted love & pride for him that came out through my boldness in speaking & song.  

In the second grade, I signed up to sing for my school's talent show.  The song I chose was 'Arky, Arky.'  I knew that song backwards, forwards, upside & in between.  I could sing it in my sleep.  My eagerness to sing for all my peers about Jesus were riding high, until the principal informed my teacher that I was not allowed to sing the song.  


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