Justice, Mercy, & Humility at the Table (Micah 6:8)

Yesterday in my kitchen as I was finishing up my morning routine of emptying the dishwasher, I began to sing this old song of growing up in the church, 

He has thee, O man, what is good & what the Lord requires of thee.

But to do justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.

My heart has been stirred and I haven't had the words to pin point it quite yet.  I have friends who participate in the One Word Campaign, which ignited A Year of Stone Soup.  And although I don't have one word that I've claimed as my own, I can't help but see the word "stew" regularly appear in my life.  

My friend Betsy posted this poignant blog post how sweet is our chocolate, exploring the realities of slavery involving the chocolate industry.  Stewing, it began again.

I hear it from my friend Talia asking the questions like, "How do I make the best food choices that don't break the bank, but are not only healthy...but ethical & right?"  As a consumer, we have to ask the hard questions of what we choose to buy, what we put into our bodies, and how we support or not support an industry.  

but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.

After reading 'How Sweet is our Chocolate,' it struck me.  It's about justice at our table, it's about mercy and walking in humility.  We can't create perfection.  We can't do it all.  We can't make every right choice to serve the most wholesome meals, from the right sources, providing justice for those we cannot see.  

I repeat, we cannot do it all.  

I'm stewing on these words, Justice...Mercy...Humility and how they bring about redemption in our lives, in our workplaces, in our conversation...at our tables.  

If you have questions like:


  • How do I make the right choices in purchasing meat, dairy...food?
  • I want to serve wholesome & nutritious food, but what does that look like?
  • How do I incorporate the physical & the spiritual through food purchasing, prep, cooking & eating?
  • What about food differences (I eat Paleo, you eat vegan, he eats GAPS)?
  • How do I stick with my convictions while being humble & merciful?
  • What is the right choice in this consumer driven world?
  • What do I fight for and what do I concede on?  


I extend an invitation to you, to join my table as we discuss these fundamentals of Justice, Mercy, & Humility at the table.  Where are you at with these three words in your life?   How do you see your table as an avenue of practicing justice, mercy & humility?  I would love to hear your story & thoughts.