Justice, Mercy & Humility for Your Unique Family (Part 1)

This is the beginning of a mini-series on bringing Justice, Mercy & Humility to your table.  You can find the introduction on it, Micah 6:8


It was a warm summer evening with a cool breeze wifting up from the green belt behind our home, gently kissing us as we enjoyed time alone.  It was before Tay was born, and V had gone to sleep.  We began sharing dreams of ours, at a ripe age of 28 & 29.  

Like with any dream, we inevitably faced the reality of money.  Yet, we kept dreaming, kept sharing those far off places that no one could take & let them soar.  One of those was how we want to spend our money in terms of giving.  

One of the very core qualities we admired in one another was a generous heart.  This was carried over into marriage, which creates a dillema when a number of our friends entered into campus ministry, or oversea ministries asking if we would support them.  Eventually, we had to create our family mission statement, which aligned itself with how we spend our money & who we give it to.  Rather, than feel the need to say yes to every friend, we created a list of how we determine our giving.  If it fell outside of our pre-established giving criteria, or we were already giving to an area, we could give our blessings without handing over a check.

How does this translate to the Table of Justice, Mercy & Humility?

We need to be able to dream, explore and set boundaries within our home of what we are about as a family.  If we don't know who we are as a family, we will feel obliged to live like everyone else, or some family that is not us.  Do you feel the tension to be just like the (fill in the blank)?  You read some article and say to your spouse, "We need to do this," but it was never your call in the first place?  What is deep within you?  Translate this into, "What is God calling your family to do, not your local church, your extended family, your friends?"  

Today I will give you only one thing to consider:


1. Create a Family Mission Statement

If you have a family mission statement, pull it out and re-read it.  Does it need any changes or is it a bit outdated?  Have you never made one, but need to.  Don't think that it is only a New Year's Deal, grace doesn't work like that.  Know why your family is unique.  If you're single, write one out, it's not just a family thing.  

Through creating a mission statement, you are giving yourself a sense of clarity, direction, calling & affirmation of what you are already doing, what you need to be doing, and how you can get there.  It's saying, "This is who we are."  When we take our unique mission (it's different from everyone else) and apply this command of doing justly, loving mercy & walking humbly, we can have a sense of clarity & peace at our table.  


What is your family mission statement?  If you don't have one, what are some key or core values you see in your family dynamic?  How do you think having a family mission statement allows you freedom in this overall call to do justly, love mercy & walk humbly when it comes to the table?  

Justice, Mercy & Humility at the Table Series

Tomorrow: Why do I need to bring Micah 6:8 to my table, if food is not mentioned in our family's core values?