Vulnerability Births Hospitality

We take our seats around the table.  We all have stories to share.  Some of us eager than the next.  Some of us so unfamiliar with the sound of our own voice--the story cannot break forth.

When approaching hospitality, our inadequacies can often overtake our footing.  We are left running far from the table.  Escaping to be known or to know.  We hear whispers of "You're boring, you're socially awkward, you speak out of turn, you don't know when to shut it, your guests aren't impressed, you need to be perfect."

Those whispers seep deep within filling our veins with fear and a heart on cardiac arrest.

The Good news is Jesus is not the keeper of this quiet venom.  The truth is, we all have bits of awkwardness, dull, talk too little or too much.  Yet, what makes us attractive and hospitable is that we don't have it all together.

It's in our weakness, where Jesus pours out his lavish grace and shines.

Hospitality is about vulnerability.  Letting down guards, having an imperfect life with an imperfect meal and simply allowing Jesus to love through you.

Where do you find your weaknesses booming within being hospitable?  Where do you see Jesus working within these vulnerable spots?  


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