How Can I Find "the One?"

Mama!  And then the prince came & they got married!” exclaimed my little princess loving Tay.

I’m a mom of two little girls with pink & dresses holding stock in our home.  My Tay is all things girl, as she dons a dress everyday twirling with delight.  When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replies, “I want to be a princess!

For her, this romantic idealism is seeping in at the age of three...watching Cinderella becoming a princess, marrying the prince as they live happily ever after.  I know this idealism all too well, dreaming of “one day my prince will come.”

Where do we get this idea that there is only one person out there that would suite us?  The myth of “the one” is dangerous in singleness or marriage....
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