One Word


Sweeping across the Internet, thousands of bloggers unite in claiming one word for these next 365 days in the year. This one word is what you think/want/need for this coming year.

I've never done it, until now. Honestly, the word I'm pretty sure God wants for me seems so, well, cliche. It's not big, bold or me.

But, maybe it's the word we least likely use to describe ourselves, which we need the most.

You ready?

My One Word is...Peace, or Shalom, or maybe Selah. No, it's peace.

Our home feels like a tornado & there's this tick in me, this question begging to be asked, "Kamille, what do you want more than anything this year? If you could give yourself & your family one gift this year, what would it be?"

Peace. Shalom.

In every decision I make, I want to ask, will this bring about restorative peace?

What is your 'One Word?' I would love to hear how you came about finding it. If you are just now hearing about this, join in and ask what your OneWord would be.