The Gift by Grandpa


One of my father-in-law's talents & gifts is his ability to wield a story.  Specifically the art of storytelling.  And what better use than combine it with his skill as a radio deejay to create audio stories the girls listen to every night before bed. 

Grandpa began with reading stories straight from some beloved books and added sound effects.  Later, he ventured into creating his own stories that he wrote and added the sounds.  We've enjoyed ones like "The Moon Story," "The Big Ship," and "Kenny the Mouse."  Some have been more lighthearted, while others imbibe the serious tone.  Whatever we've received, we've absolutely loved them.  And I know from Grandpa's standpoint, he's thoroughly enjoyed making them for his granddaughters.  

I wanted to share with you the latest one, as it touches my heart.  Ben and I have been discussing how to cultivate thankful hearts in our girls, and this story fit perfectly in my own heart.  I found myself getting a bit teary eyed as I watched Veronica's eyes twinkle with ideas.  If you have little ones, or not, it's worth a listen to.  Thank you Grandpa!