Ramblings & other nonsensical bits

During Thanksgiving I had more than a couple spare moments I could steal away to read uninterrupted.  Being that I'm not a voracious reader, or aptly put, more like a camel reader taking in large gulps and going out into the desert before returning for more.  It's when I'm at the well with a rather good book, I suck it up, just not at a fast pace.  

My friend Jessica told me about this book that was on pre-order called Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist, thinking I had already heard about.  Two things one should know about me.  First, I don't stay in the loop of what is "in" as little girls currently pre-occupy me with what is in in the world of Fancy Nancy, all things pink, and princesses.  Second, I don't attach to personas.  I don't get star struck and don't really think all that much about people that garner heaps of praise.  Sure, I think it would be neat to meet some people, but, not in that "oh, my--you're the bees knees" sort of thing.  

So, when Jessica told me about this book, little did I know she had already written two other books, or that scads of people within the Christian blogging blogosphere were gushing over Niequist, I was like McFly.  I thought, "Maybe I'll pick up her book, 'Bittersweet,' and boy, am I glad I did.  I know that when people read an author and that author has the ability to convey themselves in written word and while reading that said author one can feel a connection.  Not just a connection, but like they're the only person in the world that really feels a connection and then while reading you slightly feel sure that you'd be friends if you lived in the same town.  Hypothetical--right?  

That's how I feel about Niequist, or at least that I'd like to meet her.  Her view on the table, food, feasting, and just plain non-flashy approach to life is so like me.  I'm sure if we spent time over coffee I would find that we really aren't as much alike as I'd like to think.  But, when you love these community, feed people, fill belly & soul, stop putting pressures on yourself and others sort of life, you cannot help but think, "OH MY GOSH! THIS LADY GETS ME!!"  

And in reading one of her chapters, i kept nodding my head and felt as though I was verbally shouting out an "Amen Sista!"  How in life in order to pursue what we truly love we inevitably have to say no to what we don't.  I know this and have heard this before constantly from Ben, but (sorry honey) it's like I was finally able to receive it.  And if there's a time to be able to listen it's in the fourth month of postpartum that's kicking your butt into the ground looking for a hand to pick you up.  Essentially, she made two lists.  

1. What I Do

2. What I Don't Do

And with that friends, I am making my list.  But, not right now.  It's 8:51 at night and I told Ben to tell me to go to bed, in order to avoid this chronic tired, dizzy, baby that wakes you up state.  However, I will be making my list and would love for you to join me.  

PS Shauna Niequist if you ever read this and you happen in the Washington area, I have some really great coffee shops and make some tasty food and we should hang out, because I think you'd like me.  

PPS if this post doesn't make much sense, then sorry.  If it does, you're my people.

PPPS I would really like to help you if you want the help with a menu plan in these days leading to Christmas, but the reality is--I'm not a big planner.  That said, maybe I could email you or if you like my Redeeming the Table FB page I could send out some stuff there.  What do you think?