Avoiding a Pinterest Christmas?


Sitting in the dank closet resembling an art classroom, back when art was an extracurricular time in grade school.  I listened to Mrs. Taylor say, "Now remember class, less is more!"  I hear it when I'm writing, cooking, baking, or decorating.  Yes, less is more, less is more.  Unfortunately, I don't always know how to make less for more.  I want to include every microscopic detail, which leaves me neglecting my sight on the macro landscape.  

Pinterest can do this to me if I'm not careful.  "I can pin that! (points for those who get the reference)" Next thing I know, I'm 500+ like deep and boards are spilling out on the screen.  I feel a sense of haste to create a Christmas worth remembering, a birthday party to garner praises, and a Thanksgiving dinner that goes viral.  What I'm left with is not me.  Do you feel that way?  Come on over to Mom Heart, where I explore the idea of not having a pinable Christmas.  

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