Day 9: Imagine there's no...


Did you know that today is John Lennon's birthday?  And what song do you think of when Lennon's name is mentioned (post-Beatles)?  Yesterday I wrote about the ministry of food over at MomHeart Blog.  Today I went over to see if there were any comments to respond to and found comment after comment of lament & hope.  Lament of mamas wanting to give their children the best they can; but, utterly tired.  Hope, because, well when seeing the work of our hands in the temporal means it always has lasting effect in the eternal.  

Food restrictions in biblical times defined religion or race.  In fact, they still do.  Jesus came to destroy these restrictions.  He brought heaven to earth as the wineskins filled with the best at the fiesta.  Children who can't eat every day foods.  Mamas giving their best to supply them with nutrients and minerals.  How to eat not just for sustenance but for enjoyment.  

My heart breaks a little.  

But, like comment after comment I could hear the cry of their heart; because, this is not how it's suppose to be.  I am fortunate to not have a child who suffers from severe allergies.  Yet, I can hear the disciples asking Jesus upon looking at the child with eosinophilic esophagitis, "Who sinned, his father or mother?"  Jesus answering, "neither, but that the glory of God would be displayed."  

Could it be that our children's allergies...our allergies and intolerances are to display the glory of God?  

Imagine there's no starvation

Imagine there's no anaphylactic shock from cross contamination.

Imagine there's no "Paleo is better!" "GAPS is better!" "Vegan is better!"

Imagine there's a table filled with nuts and no one needs an epi pen.  Imagine the bread is full of gluten and eggs and no one has stomach pains or eczema break outs.  Imagine there's brownies and no one says, "sorry but I'm on a diet."  Imagine there isn't a meat or non-meat table.  Imagine the feasting table is bounty full without restriction.  Imagine there's no autoimmune disease filled inflammation bodies fighting over rights and wrongs, because we are seated at the table with the Most High and all is very good.  

In this here and now, we are limited; but, may I can we make our tables as welcoming and reflective of the greatest banquet to ever grace our presence?  Imagine that.

 I'm joining  The Nester  in the 31 days series, along with over 1100 other bloggers.  

I'm joining The Nester in the 31 days series, along with over 1100 other bloggers.