Day 8: The Ministry of Food

My ENFJ comes out when given the opportunity to teach others, specifically in my areas of expertise or passion.  I didn't quite realize how food and teaching intertwine in my soul bursting forward, in order to get people in the kitchen.  I desire to see both foodie and non to find their place in cooking, in order to find more of themselves and others as they share the food they've created.  

The other part of my ENFJ is making sure everyone is included.  I've never been okay when someone was on the outskirts.  It's why I like leading in groups, because I'm constantly examining the group to see if there is someone who is left out.  And so the story goes when I meet someone with a food intolerance or allergy.  I want them to feel included in this most tangible of gifts.  Today I'm sharing at Mom Heart on this very topic, The Ministry of Food.  Come on over.