Day 31: Closing on Peace

My friend Suzannah asked about writing for her series and she writing for mine.  She is doing 31 days of practicing peace, which has been honest & down to earth.  I am fortunate to close out her series and mine with thoughts on the value on Shalom in our everyday life.  

I'm taking a quick break before finishing up dinner.  It's brussels sprouts under some chicken thighs (Margaret M. I'm taking your advice).  As I stood there with paring knife in hand cutting the bottom parts off to discard the stems, a cognizant sense of peace arose.  But, it held two hands out for me to choose as if to ask, "Kamille, you can rush through the cutting of the brussels sprouts or you can choose to take your time & breathe in peace."  

Much of life is like this, where rushing becomes mode of operation; rather, than taking time to breathe in the now.  Will you join me over at Suzannah's corner as I write about the restorative peace in walking in shalom.