Day 26: On Breastfeeding

Considering I spent many hours of my day nursing a little babe, it is only fitting to write about it in this month of food talk.  Breastfeeding isn't the most easy or even natural act a new mama might think, if tv is the only guide.  Heck, not just tv, but books on it.  

My nursing relationship with my firstborn got off to a rocky start.  She couldn't latch well and I remember our first night at home with a baby crying bloody murder, me crying and frantically telling Ben, "I don't know what to do!"  

I was committed to nursing.  Lactation nurses came to the house and for some reason the one who came was anything but encouraging.  There was so much fear revolving around breastfeeding and not getting my baby enough due to those early days.  Weight gain was shaky and if there is one way in which mamas can feel like a complete failure is in the nursing relationship.

This time with Caprice, I have felt rather confident in my milk making ability and have taken precautions to ensure my milk supply stay up.  I can tell when my supply needs more attention given to it (drink more water, get milk making veggies in me, and avoid foods which deteriorate it).  I was given Megan at Boho Mama's ebook, More Milk, Naturally right before Caprice was born.  I couldn't be more thankful to hear how this mama of twins was dedicated to keeping up milk supply for her growing twin girls, which transferred to her research into her ebook.  

She provides ample resources & research, along with the importance of food the mama consumes, in order to produce enough milk.  There is a whole section on foods to consume and foods to avoid, along with recipes.  I love that I can go back to Megan's ebook on my Kindle for my phone to remember what veggies I need to up for my supply.  If you are looking for a straightforward book on keeping milk supply up, this is the one you need.  It's not lengthy and easy to read.  

Today and tomorrow, Megan is giving away her ebook for free on her blog.  So you don't want to miss it.  

I would love to know if you were to give a new nursing mama one bit of advice, what would it be?