Day 12: More on Menu Planning

Do you know why I have never written on menu planning here?  It's because I don't think in all the years I've been married (10 years) I have actually followed a menu plan.  I think it's pride.  And then, evaluating my food budget I'm served a piece of humble pie.  

The fact of the matter is the feeling of constraint I've felt in living by a planned menu.  Here's the thing...I actually love planning.  I am a planner, or shall I say, a dreamer and visionary; but, I completely stink at follow through.  It's why I gather lots of SJs around me to pay attention to details.  You would think I'm a "Perceiving" type.  I'm actually the "Judging" type, because too much spontaneity stresses me out.  You would also think I would take note of this and do something about it, especially in the one arena of home life, which happens EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  

However, pride cometh before the fall.  And friends, I have fallen.  It took me three babies and more to see my "I don't need your stinking planner" prideful attitude (along with SO much more).  So, in desperation for more balance, less stress, tighter budget, and playing creative ground...I've decided this weekend I will be creating a menu plan and *gasp* actually follow it.  I'm sure I've found numerous ideas on menu planning, but here's one I read and I like the approach.  

9 Tips to Successful Menu Planning

Now it's your turn.  Do you menu plan?  How do you approach it?  What are tips that are helpful for you?  

 I'm joining  The Nester  in the 31 days series along with 1200 other bloggers. 

I'm joining The Nester in the 31 days series along with 1200 other bloggers.