Family Snapshot in January


It's Saturday, winter, end of January, while Ben took the girls out for an outing and I could be home to rest.  Pregnancy mixed with a head cold creates a rather tired mama.  Climbing a mountain, my body as life is being created over and over inside.  

I religiously take my horse sized prenatals (six of them total), vitamin D3 (because I live in the PacNW), and enough water, essential nutrients as well.  Oh and let's not forget exercise.  Food aversions are pretty much gone, while food cravings loom over me loudly.  I'm trying not to feed them.  

Ben is approaching the final week of Whole30, while the girls and I watch & cheer (I haven't been the best wife in leaving non-Whole30 food out of the house).  But, I will make up for it by hosting a superbowl party, in order to provide food he can eat & enjoy.  

He reminded me that we have 6 1/2 months until the baby comes, but I immediately said, "No, it's a lot longer than that?!"  He showed me his simple math reasoning, to which I nod and say, "Oh, yeah, you're right.  I guess I kept thinking it was nine months away or something" (I'll blame it on the pregnancy memory).  

Our condo is suiting us well right now, but I am in full force mode of decluttering, boxing, recycling, donating  Hence, we will not be accepting any clothes, toys, or anything at the present moment.  I'm preparing for the days ahead, where we will most likely be moving before the baby comes or shortly after (I prefer before).  I'm reminded by my very practical & down to earth husband that there is a lot to be done to put our condo on the market (I forget these details, good thing I have him to remember them).

Friends have asked if we will be buying a house, but I'm thinking we won't.  I'm thinking we will most likely sell our condo to rent a home.  The housing market in Bellingham isn't what you call "a good deal."  The median house price is somewhere around $330,000 $270,000, which to a Californian looks like a steal (at least it use to).  So for now, I'm quite content on renting a home and saving money for a future house purchase.  

In the present, I'm working at decreasing our food budget (our overall budget), in order for us to be better stewards of what we've been given.  In order for us to teach our girls that although we have money to buy that said item, we don't always get to.  In order to remind myself that a content heart is a gift.  In order to be more generous & giving and to bring Kingdom life here on Earth.  

Well friends, that's what is happening at this present moment.  What has your family or life been looking like lately?  Where are you finding your rhythms in this late January season (past the New Years Resolutions)?  What are your resources in decluttering, meal planning, budget keeping looking like?