Daughters Fulfilling Kingdom Dreams, Not Terminating Life


I steer clear of politics at Redeeming the Table, because it tends to be a touchy subject and I'm not one to join the debate team.  However, I feel strongly about issues.  As a daughter of the Most High God, as a mother to two beautiful girls with one child on the way, and a daughter to a mother who went through the travesty of her hell on earth known as an abortion, this topic is more than politics for me.  

It's brothers or sisters I don't know.  It's giving a voice to those who weren't given a choice.  It's knowing after walking through a miscarriage and the grief & pain that tore my heart of the loss, that young woman who have an abortion are experiencing the same grief, pain & loss.  I have never met a woman who experienced an abortion and said she was unphased by it.  When I read this article by President Obama and how giving a choice to terminate life was a way we would give our daughters the same chance as our sons to fulfill their dreams, it made my insides cringe as this optimistic spin on hopelessness was spewed.  

Last time I checked, I'm pretty sure my mom never spoke of her dreams being fulfilled; rather, nightmares of the shame & guilt that would ride her.  

And then I saw this link from Sarah Mae on Twitter of a woman killing eight of her children, because they were girls and not boys.  This friends is hell on Earth.  It is not redemption found, but we hold the key to bring redemption.  As image bearers of the Creator, we are to be hope & light.  To call all of creation good.  To bring about his redemption wherever we find ourselves.  

My prayer is that my daughters & this baby growing in my womb would fulfill Kingdom dreams, not ones of the Earthly kind.