Hope Always Remains


These days are filled with reflection & soul searching.  My heart is less weary and embracing more & more of the goodness God has for me with this little one.  Ben and I have gotten many opportunities to go on dates with my mom's visit with us.  I forget how much I love spending time with just him.  

My nausea is subsiding, but I do feel as though I am in a constant "feed my face" state.  You know you're pregnant when food that you once craved sounds repulsive (peanut butter & chocolate--case in point).  Sweets in general are on my "avoid" list.  Bananas with a little bit of almond butter are a special treat (seriously, who have I become?).  Coffee is back on the list, which makes me very happy.  

My body thrives when I get regular exercise and gets to bed with ample sleeping time.  This season is full of learning to take care of myself without excuse.  After attending Relevant, I've become more and more at peace with wherever I'm taken with this little ole' blog.  I've had scads of ideas for potential growth, community & such; but, pregnancy brings about perspective.  

Perspective in what matters and leaving the rest up to God.  My relationship with God, my husband & my children are what matters in this life.  Living out our family mission statement and raising little girls into women who love Jesus and all of his creation.  

This season has brought great opportunities for me that give me peace in rest.  Peace in knowing that I am not obligated to jump through the hoops for social media, posting "X" amount of times a week to keep up readership, or checking stats, in order to find myself "approved."  Sometimes writing means not sharing it with anyone else.  That's what this season has brought about.  

Some of this has brought about new writing ventures as well.  I've been a contributing writer for Real Food & Health eMagazine as their hospitality writer.  Beginning February 1st, Sister in Bloom is launching, where I am a contributing writer.  Lastly, I was invited to be writer for MomHeartBlog with Sally Clarkson (more on that to come). All of these are gifts.  I leave you with the promo video of Sisters in Bloom.


Sisters In Bloom Is Coming Soon from Denise Thompson on Vimeo.