Introduction to Myers-Briggs


We were getting shoes on our kids, while Talia said very matter of fact, "Kamille, you should charge $15 & do a Saturday workshop!"  

"A workshop on what?," I gingerly inquired. 

"A Myers-Briggs workshop.  It doesn't have to be very formal. You can speak & print up some handouts," she responded very non-nonchalantly, as if it were in the bay.

"Really?! I don't know.  I don't know that much about Myers-Briggs," answering with an uncertainly, all the while she gave me a look.  Eyebrows raised, chin lowered, head tilted expressing "you're being silly" kind of look.


Later that evening I replayed the conversation with Ben.  I told him exactly what my response was & he, too, gave me a look.  "What?! Do you agree with me?," me shaking my head, "I'm right--I don't know that much do I? Wait, you don't agree with me? (still not letting him talk) You do think I know a lot about Myers-Briggs?," I answered like a crazy lady.

Guess what?  He agreed with Talia.  His look was the same as her look.  Both communicating, "Give yourself some credit lady!"  


So I'm going to give myself some credit.  I'm an ENFJ.  I wrote about figuring out your Myers-Briggs back in the Spring.  I have a sixth sense about me.  So, if you're having a conversation with me for say...10 minutes...I can almost always figure out your MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).  I am not certified in MBTI; however, I read a lot about it & study people constantly.  And in case you were wondering, my title as ENFJ is Teacher (a good teacher studies).  I also know that I find so much fulfillment by helping others know who they are, which ties well with MBTI.  

If you're interested in more about this arena, then please continue to stick with me & ask any questions in the comments.  I will write more on Myers-Briggs in the coming week, so if be sure to ask away and/or share about your knowledge/experience in this arena.