Why Personality Tests are Essential


In writing about Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), there is one thing I want to convey from the get go. And that's why I believe MBTI is valid & important.

My NFness (yes, coined the term) provides me with a keen need to understand myself & others. By knowing people's personality, it allows me from not putting them in a box.  Rather, to understand them & their story, in order to meet them where they are at.  Not only to meet them, but to encourage them to become who they were designed to be.  It's absolutely critical in my mind to know one's self & others, in order to give & receive grace.  It's also critical in knowing personalities to best teach & give direction (ENFJs are best known for this as the Teacher).

In knowing yourself better & those around you, you will be able to improve communication, connection, & community.  I see this benefiting me in parenting as I seek to understand how to relate with my children; as well as, how to direct, discipline & guide them.  I'm recognizing that there is not a one size fits all.  Plus, it makes the handiwork of God even more inspiring & imaginative to me.  

In the next post I will briefly discuss the letters of Myers-Briggs. Until then, do you agree that personality tests are important?  Why or why not?  How have you found them useful or a hindrance?