Filling My Cup


This season is quickly slipping away & I'm wanting to hold onto as much as my fingers can grasp.  My oldest will be returning to her preschool in a short two weeks.  Summer has finally decided to grace us.  We're eating it up.

The stove top keeps a big pot of water as resident.  Can after can of apricot jam sweetened with honey.  Peach & Lavender Butter as well.  Routinization of sterilizing jars & lids.  Bubbling water with rattling lid.  Pop, pop, pop sings the tune of securely canned goods.  My heart smiles as I store them away, deep in the cupboard.

Little corner overflowing with craft goods.  Hands have not touched them in far too long.  What once was a weekend ritual as the theme of 'Pride & Prejudice' played in the background is but a distant memory.  Little people filled the scene.  These mama hands fastened diapers & stroked skin.  

Routine after routine fills my days.  Chopping, stirring, cooking. Washing, folding, storing. Tickling, hugging, kissing.  My hands, my heart are full.  And they are also tired.  

Little people need their mama & husband needs his wife.  And this mama needs to be Kamille.  

My Papa God whispers to me, "Come & sit."  My Papa God brews me a cup of hot coffee.  My Papa God invites me to his table before a soul bustles about.  He's been sitting there all along...and I missed him.  He says, "Let me look at those hands--rest."  He fills my cup & he says, "You, Kamille are VERY good."  My soul is full & I'm ready to go again to give.  I look forward to tomorrow to meet him at his Table again.



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