Food as Gift


I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods;
   with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

I cook.  I cook breakfast, lunch & dinner nearly every day of the week.  It's something I enjoy...most days. 

I eat.  I love to eat.  I'm not a girl who shys away from getting seconds.

I read food.  I love reading books about eating, communing over food, essays & stories about food and reading books like 'Bread & Jam for Francis' to my daughters. 

I give. When you put these altogether, you find a lady who loves to give the gift of food, give the gift of receiving food & give the gift of enjoying food, in it's many facets.


Redeeming the Table is about these things.  It's about seeing food as a gift.  It's about a creative God who set the table with choice foods & flavors. Just as he gave manna to nourish & show his provision, so he provided a land flowing with milk & honey.  He gave us food to nourish & enjoy.


It's neat to think that food is not simply about nourishment.  I can imagine God thinking, "I'm going to create food, to teach my children to depend on me for their nourishment (kind of like the manna).  But, how about I add a little variation as well," as he creates licorise star anise, earthy sage, sour lemons, bitter kale, etc. 


I serve a God who welcomes me to his table for both sustenance & enjoyment.  He nourishes my soul & my body, and I give him thanks.  He fills my belly with the richest of foods.  He awakens my senses & satisfies my deepest yearning.  He supplies me with a feast. 

His table is all about coming as you are. 

He is sure to satisfy. 

He is sure to listen. 

He is sure to serve food that awakens your tastebuds like none other.

Food is a gift.


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