Women & the Table

Today was marked with vitamin D pouring out of the sky, little people squealing with delight with sprinkled water kissing their face, moo cows eating apples from a loving mother's hand & kindred spirits...mama's on this journey with me.  It was beautiful! 

I celebrated my 32nd year of life on Tuesday with Ben & my girls.  You never saw such delight as the whispers & scuffling tip toes of two little girls celebrating their mama.  Pure joy as mama unwrapped her presents, or shall I say littles unwrapping them.  Books & a sweet little china mug painted with strawberries. 

Saturday was welcomed with sunshine, birthday lunch & birthday dinner with dear friends.  I cooked the meal & it was just as it should be...around the Table...feasting, celebrating, taking in the breath of life that I've been granted & thanking my Father for walking me through another year

My heart feels like it could explode.  This poem is in one of the books I got, New Testament Hospitality by John Koenig.  It was written by his friend, Sister Marilyn Robinson.  Her words could not be any more poignant or true of what I picture as a slice of heaven & friendship around the Table.


The Kingdom of God is like a seed planted in a woman's heart
slowly, silently stretching it
beyond family and friends, church and nation
until one day that heart bursts open
revealing a Table
wider than the world
warm as an intimate embrace.

To this Table everyone is invited
no one is stranger, no one unfit:
each brings a gift, work of one's own hands, heart, mind
--a morsel for the Table--
and there is always enough
enough because no one keeps hidden the
bread of the morrow
enough because in the sharing is the
miracle of multiplication.

Around this Table everyone eats
and no one is stuffed;
each sips deeply of love unearned
and offers the cup to another.

From this Table each rises strengthened by a morsel and a sip
heart seeded