I know it's not Friday, but I was busy driving from the grandparents house back home with two little girls & to greet a husband home from Dallas.  Then, there was yesterday...I had a birthday weekend of sorts & I find myself with time alone on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Here are the rules: 

1. Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing.









My heart, my mind, my belly, my spirit are full.  One year passed another one beginning.  Birthdays are for celebrating, yet last year this time...life did not seem full.  I could not grasp the fullness of God's goodness or hope. 

Yet now, here I am on the other end.  Celebrating life.  Feasting with spicy greens, sweet figs & salty prosciutto.  Life could not get any better. 

I imagine life, this life, here on earth & think of time with family & friends as glimpses of heaven. 

For my birthday I prepared a feast for my friends.  To watch their eyes light up as they tasted goodness.  To see the expressions on their face of laughter, seriousness & joy.  I delight in these things.  To delight in my friends enjoyment of a summer evening with lights strung up as if we owned the world.  To delight in my family as little Tay steals my bowl of ice cream & V licks up her strawberry one.

To have a husband who adores me, esteems me & protects. 

To have in-laws who think well of me, love me & affirm me as mother of their grandchildren & wife to their son. 

To have life as a gift, not as something to fear.  To see that death does come, but it's not something to fear.  This life I've been given is to ride it with such fervor & gusto like none other & do it well.  That is my life.  That is life that is full.  I am full with joy.