Your Hospitality Story

I spend a lot of time sharing my story, my journey & I want to be inspired by you.  Too often we find ourselves feeling like we're not doing "enough," or that our stories aren't that "fascinating."  Hospitality is loving the other.  Hospitality is welcoming & making room in our lives for whom ever we encounter. 

It's often the big, grandiose stories of people making a name for themselves, doing missions, etc, which jades our perceptions of the goodness we are doing in our peripherial.  So, if you were to draw a circle around you.  Who are those people who walk into that circle?  How are you currently making room in your circle?  Is it your roommates? Co-workers? Children? Husband? Neighbor? 

Who is in your circle?  How are you giving?  How are you receiving?


I forgot to mention that I did an interview with Calum & Alice at Practising Hospitality.  I'm encouraged by their heart to love others through hospitality, as they continue to ask questions of themselves what it looks like as a young married couple.  Check them out.