Where I'm From


I am from silky, flowing nightgowns, from Wonder Woman Underroos and singing on mall benches. I am from the red carpet bedroom, the mummy in the broken heater, & a 70s wood panel living room.

I am from the palo verde, honeysuckles & July sweat pouring down.  I am from eating summer fruit salad from the big bowl and the Soto stare, from Soto and Sotomayor and Cox. I am from the being on Mexican time and cluttered surfaces.

From "there are starving children in China" and "Jesus Loves You." I am from Sunday night praise night, Marantha Praise & hymns.  From 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus' to 'Psalty the Singing Songbook.'  I am from John 3:16, AWANA, VBS, the Mission on Saturday nights & delivery trips to Mexico to give kids Christmas gifts. 

I'm from Walla Walla (it's so great they named it twice), Mexico, Ireland, France, Germany.  From bean burritos & fruit salad.  From the filling up of oversized trashcans with water to swim in with my brothers, the back scratches my dad gave me and the witnessing of my little brother coming into the world with my whole family in attendance.

I am from the land of bedding where my dad's raw hands bound together fabric to sew beds.  With playing sardines at night, jumping into foam scraps & singing on the intercom.  From starring in commercials with all the lines, while the cute little brother won the hearts with his catch phrases.  Where life seemed to be okay, where I found peace amidst the storms of life.  Where hardwork through sweat, tears & worn out backs gave appreciation for blessings.  


My friend Suzannah inspired & encouraged me to write my own "Where I'm From."  If you want to follow along, you can find the template here & the original by George Ella Lyons.