Good Ole' Margarita


I've been taking in as much of summer as I can & enjoying every minute of it.  Life is full, my heart is being stretched to soak in the everyday simplicities of blessing & contentment.  We had a little vacation at Lake Chelan & then time with Grandma & Grandpa.

Time on the east side of the mountains reminds one to take life a bit more slowly.  To take in deeper breaths, to settle down & enjoy the time that is now.  We enjoyed that time by these margaritas.  They are what I consider the closest to authentic, embracing tequilla, lime, some salt, orange liquor & agave nectar. 

Agave Nectar, Cointreau, Silver Agave Tequilla, & Limes


Handful of ice in a shaker & juice of one lime


Pour one shot of tequilla into shaker


Pour one shot of cointreau into shaker


In case you need to see what pouring looks like.


Pour one shot of agave nectar into the shaker.


Shake it all up & pour into a salt rimmed glass, or a handcrafted one by Bob.  One the rocks or not. 


Classic Margaritas (printable recipe)

My friend Brad from my gym reminded me of what margaritas should taste like.  After my first drink, his margarita made me think of being in Mexico at the Patio Bar in Algondones, Mexico...just as it should be.  I think this is pretty stinkin' close.  If you don't want to use Cointreau, then you could sub Triple Sec, which is much cheaper. 


  • Two handfuls of ice
  • one shaker
  • Juice of one lime
  • one shot of Cointreau
  • one to one & a half shots of Silver Agave Tequilla
  • 1/2 shot of agave nectar
  • salt (kosher)

Directions: Take a shaker & put in handful of ice, juice of one lime, cointreau, tequilla, & agave nectar.  Put shaker lid on & shake.  Add a pinch of salt if not using a salt rimmed glass. Pour into glass. If you want to add some ice, go ahead. 

For salt rimmed glass: Squeeze some additional lime juice on a plate.  Put kosher salt on another plate.  Take your glass and turn it upside down onto the lime juice on the plate to ensure the rim is wet with lime juice.  Transfer glass rim to the plate of salt & twist back & forth (that should coat your glass rim with enough salt).


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