The Importance of Laughter in a Family


Ben, my brothers & I are taking random pics (it's how we roll)

Although I'm an extrovert, I can be very introspective & get a bit serious & contemplative at times.  That said, I also enjoy laughing & taking advantage of life's opportunities.  With Ben & I celebrating nine years of marriage next week, I'm reminded of how I love his gift of humor & wit he brings into my life.  I've lightened up more & more as the years pass.  

Yet, it can still be a struggle when I translate this into parenting.  It's the big picture versus the here & now that vies for a constant within.  I tend to look at life with more black & white (I'm learning the gray), which can also lead to less fun & laughter.  So where am I going with all of this?  Here's our family mission statement--what makes our family unique:

We are a family who enjoys spending time with one another and makes laughter a focal point of our time together. Eating good food, experiencing new food and cooking are important to us. We actively practice generosity and hospitality in response to the abundant generosity and hospitality God has extended to us in our lives. 

Did you read that first line?  "Makes laughter a focal point of our time together."  With that, it's not unheard of that Ben forwards me an occasional The Onion article & chuckles at slapstick (& I laugh with him). This morning he sent me an article about a dad who made "laughter a focal point," which got passed on to his son & his son's friends.  This led to the advent of the blog, Wave at the Bus, where you'll see him dressed in random costumes waving at his son's bus each morning. 

This is the type of affection & laughter I hope to bring into our home.  What ways do you try to bring laughter & fun into your home?  If you need some inspiration, be sure to read the article & blog.