Father Wounds Lay Deep (Part Three)

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In the following days my heart was burning with the sting of rejection.  No one could give me enough love & attention to ease the pain.  I sat bitter listening to others speak of their "hard" life...insert 'tough classes, roommate problems, or simply having a bad day.'  I was angry.  Not just angry, but seething with anger at almost everyone.

When your soul has gone through pain or rejection by a trusted friend or loved one, you begin to take on the flesh of an abused animal by biting at anyone trying to extend a hand.  Even the loving ones. 


That's how bad I hurt.  I wanted everyone in my pathway to know exactly what pain felt like.  I wanted to communicate the deep loss going on inside, which was rooted from a father who broke promise after promise.

Yet, a war was waging inside. 

Part of me wanted to truly let it all out.  The sloppy nose, dripping tears, and guttural moans of a broken heart.  And I honestly thought I was communicating that to my friends. 

But, when I look back now with my mended heart, I can see a girl offering up only a glimpse of the shattered mess.  I can see a girl who thought she was being "open," "honest," "vulnerable," & "real."  Except, in reality, she was telling the story, while backing out the door with a knife waving for her defense...in case they got too close. 

How could I allow people in when the liability of being rejected & hurt was far too great?                            

A heart guarded & padded continued to receive "we regretfully declines, but here's a check" in the mail & wished they sent nothing at all.


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