Praying for Little Reese

Ben's first job out of college was in public accounting, where he worked on the audit side.  He only worked there for a year & a half.  This was seven years ago.  While he was there, he made a friend in Rob.  The two of them seemed to suit one another quite well in the way they thought, their humor & love of sports (specifically fantasy baseball). They still manage to get together for lunch a couple times a year to catch up.

The girls & I ran into his wife Bre, & kids.  It was our first time we met their sweet little girl Reese.  What would happen just days after meeting her was an admittance into the hospital, turning into a nine day stay to an airlift to Children's Hospital, due to pressure in the brain.  What followed was an MRI showing a tumor the size of a golfball.  All of this is out of the blue & my mama heart breaks for the hell that Rob & Bre must be going through. 

One could analyze, deduce or get very heady at a time like this. But, honestly, that's not my thing.  I'm simply asking if you would pray for sweet little Reese.  Pray that Jesus holds her in his hands.  Pray that the doctors would be given great wisdom & insight.  Pray for Rob & Bre to be given unsurpassable peace & hope.  Pray that Jesus would heal her & bring his Kingdom to Earth.  Pray that her story is just beginning & she has so much more left to tell.  She goes into surgery tomorrow morning at 10:30 (Pacific time).  Your prayers are coveted.