Hindsight: Guest Post

I received an email from a fellow blogger friend Ginger.  Interesting how one meets another person & identifies with them; yet, they don't know each other in person, just through the computer screen.  Well, insert Ginger here.  She invited me to share on her blog in a series called, "Hindsight," where we wrote a letter to our younger self. 

This letter is what allowed me to start writing on the part of my story about Father Wounds, so I would be honored for you to hop on over to read more of my story.  And while you're at it, you can read some other lovely ladies who have written letters to their 15, 16 & 17 year old self (more to come in the next week). 

I share my story because...

He turns deserts into gardens, ashes into beauty, and he redeems the most unlikely of stories (read it here).