Father's Wounds Lay Deep (Part Two)


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"Hi, what's wrong?" I asked. Something had to be wrong for my brother to be calling.

"Well...(a bit of hesitation in his voice), dad's in jail again," he replied.

"What?! What happened? So he's not going to be here is he?" I angrily responded.


Willy informed me of some of the details, tried to be the protective, reassuring older brother that he's always been. He even went as far to sound hopeful that my dad would indeed be released by the time of my wedding, which was about a month away.

I hung up the phone in shock & disbelief. I cried. I sobbed. I asked God why? Why does this have to happen? I knew everything seemed too good to be true. Everything was lining up all too well.

I was surrounded by a man who truly loved me, friends who would bend over backwards for me, a mother who would die for me, but it didn't seem to be enough. It was my dad's job to be the man to choose me. To walk his only daughter down the aisle. To give me away to the man who would take his place.

And he absolutely failed me.

A piece of my heart was damaged that night after I hung up the phone with my brother. Whenever someone informed me that they wouldn't be able to come to my wedding or my bridal shower, I took it as the telephone call that evening. It was them saying, "I am not choosing you Kamille, because you're not important enough."

It left me wondering, "who would give me away? And how can I guard my father's absence while upholding his own dignity?"


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