Motherhood Should Come With


It's Friday, which means I am right in style & sticking with The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday. I would love for you to partake. Simply follow the prompt (in the title) & right with abandon for five minutes.


Motherhood Should Come With...(GO)

...a different pair of pants for the changing of seasons with many various styles & sizes (possibly even pajama jeans).

It should come with some red & white wine paired with milk chocolate & dark chocolate to remind us of graces.

It should come with lots of hand sanitized, tissue & vitamin D to combat the sickies & blues.

It should come with community of other mothers willing to share the raw realities that breastfeeding is not "natural," the pushing in labor is not what Hollywood makes it seem (it's the contractions), that you might wonder if being a SAHM is really as idyllic as you thought.

STOP. (sorry to end on a low note)