My Hypocrital Judgemental Heart


We are staying at one of the nicest resorts/hotels one could imagine.  When telling people where we were headed, I felt a bit uneasiness & embarrassment, due to the opulence of it all.  It is the "other" world, not my world.  And I wanted to make sure people knew that. 

How do we enjoy celebratory times while the majority of Earth's populace has never experienced an inkling of this? 

The thing is, I care what others think of me.  What people know of my heart.  When I say were we are staying I feel obligated to say that we are only staying here, because it's been paid for...meaning not by us, out of our pockets.  The reason I say this is because I don't want to be like "them."  You probably know "them."  They look like the people who spend more than they give, who go on nice vacations like this, who update their wardrobe every season (continue to fill in the blank). 


So my intent for making sure people know my reasons for staying here is to avoid judgement.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to avoid judgement so I'm not associated with those whom I judge.


It's easy to read the stories about the Pharisees & shout an "AMEN" when Jesus calls them "Brood of Vipers."  Yet, what I fail to read or hear is their story.  What got them to that place


Granted, Jesus knew their hearts & how they were abusing the poor by making it impossible to be in relation with the Most High.  And I get that, which should make any of us angry.  It's a righteous anger.  The problem is the tendency to stay in that anger & neglect the part where Jesus also says, "love your enemies."  (Do I still get an AMEN?)


And friends, I'm SO far from that place. 


This is what challenges me with Jesus' style hospitality.  To extend forgiveness, love & grace--to make room for the other, not necessarily the marginalized (although that is just as important); but, the well to dos.  To make known the invitation to the feasting table, where Jesus is the always forgiving, ever welcoming & infinitely gracious & compassionate Host (being confident in His grace).


He knows my story.  He knows your story.  And, he still invites us to feast with we are guests at the finest of resorts (without any high price charges to our room).  No matter our status, ethnicity, gender, education, or physical prowess.  We simply get to say yes to his invitation & he will take care of the accomodations.  GRACE.


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