If I Knew I Could, I Would


I have been meaning to take part in this Five Minute Friday by The Gypsy Mama for the past couple weeks.  However, I just haven't.  I think today is a good day to partake.  It's simple, she gives a prompt and you write for five minutes without editing, or thinking much--just writing what comes out. 



So here it goes...


If I knew I could, I would...open a bakery catering to gluten-free, paleo peeps.  Join the local Storyteller's Guild.  Began teaching & speaking, or pursue this avenue in life.  I would join a musical & audition for the lead.  Join a band.  Homeschool my daughter, in spite of special needs.  I would write more, take risks into the deep of my heart and not be concerned with what others thought of me. 

I would find my niche in this blogging, writing world and be okay with it.  I would empower women to become who they are meant to be.  I would tell my story, the good parts, the bad parts & the hard parts.  I would write my old sister in law.  I would speak boldly without fear of being eloquent in my speech.  I would work at my gym to achieve what seems unachievable.  I would stop feeling the need to become or do the things in life that I think others would want.  I would start loving myself more & leaning into Jesus more.  I would take hold of the little girl singing on the mall benches, sharing her love of Jesus unabashedly, and make her me now.



A Year Ago: Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies & No Fuss Sausage & Kale Soup,