Tonight in our home was one of those nights where I was close to putting a sign on my two year old that read, "local band of gypsies?!"  I believe there's a reason why God made two year old's so darn cute, because it would trump their naughtiness.  Tayers' cuteness factor does indeed trump the naughtiness, and in order for this mama to stay sane while daddy was away for work, she won an early trip to bed (sometimes complete removal from child is the best answer). 

I was contemplating opening a bottle of wine (and break my commitment to Ben & my Whole 14) to clear the pressure, which comes from whining, one sick child & the silly 2 year old monkey choosing disobedience over obedience.  Bedtime was done and my blood pressure was still a bit high and the question I heard was, "What are you thankful for?" 

Honestly, I wanted to punch that question in the face.  But now, I can recall the blessings found in this day.  The glimpses of what the voice inside whispers, "this is what a good life looks like."

1. Sitting on the stairs holding V as she asks me, "Mama, when you were a little girl what did Nana make you for dinner?" or "Mama, who were your friends at school?" And the questions continued and the conversation between daughter-mama kept going.

2. When I ask Tayers, "Are you silly?"  To which she enthusiastically shouts, "YES!" 

3. For all the disobedience & naughtiness, that little Tayers sure does bring an element of laughter & fun into this house.

4. When singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is never complete without a quick follow-up of "Happy Birthday" by Tayers.

5. V putting her boots on before breakfast this morning & still in her jammies while announcing, "Mama, let's go see the chickens!" (I promised her last night that we would go in the morning to see the neighbors chickens).

6. How impeccable V's memory is as she asks to retell story after story of her life and recalling details I forgot (going back 6 months--oh and she's four).

7. Every morning V says to her daddy/papa, "don't forget BIG hugs & kisses," to which Ben picks her up and squeezes tightly and gives multiple kisses.

8. How V must climb into our bed with her motorized toothbrush each night, in order to complete the task.

9. How Tayers will be going to the bathroom and if V or myself walks in she will say, "Sissy (or insert Mama), go away, I need some privacy!"

10. How V shares just about everything with Tayers and Tayers answers by saying, "ThANk you Berry SO much Sissy!"

Well, those are just 10 from the day and I could keep going.  Amazing how a thankful heart is medicine for the soul.