Welcome to Redeeming the Table

Goodbye Evangitality...Hello Redeeming the Table

Today marks the ending of one chapter, Evangitality & the beginning of another, Redeeming the Table.  I'm glad you're here and I hope you'll pull up a chair and enjoy what you'll find here.  I was blogging at Evangitality, but I have decided to sign off on my last post as of today and begin anew in the blogosphere.  (If you want to read about the decision I came to to change blogs, you can find it at my last post there.) 

If you have come from Evangitality, you will encounter some of the same from there, plus a bit more.  To make it easy for you to navigate, you will find various pages at the top of my banner (those two cuties are mine). 

  • Under "Home" is where you're at right now, and it's the home page/base for RTT posts. 
  • "About," is a folder page with four options to choose from.
  • "Other Categories" you will find:
    • "Family Life" is where I will add what's going on in our daily life, in regards to our little family of four (you will most likely get a dose of cute little sayings & videos).  If you've come from my family blog, then I will no longer be posting there and will be keeping it under this page.
    • "Recipes" are all my recipes from Evangitality (because I didn't want to lose them all) and new ones from Redeeming the Table.  If you find a bad link, let me know so I can update it. 
    • "Ingredients" speaks for itself.  I primarily utilize the tags for ingredients.  You can also find recipes based on season, or recipe grouping like 'Cookies & Bar Cookies.'
    • "Archives" is where you'll find posts by 'category' & 'monthly archive.' 
    • "My Reads" are the various blogs I am currently enjoying or have been a source of sustenance for me through the years.
  • "Stay Connected" is another folder page where you will find:
    • "Subscribe" is where you can sign up for Redeeming the Table posts sent to you via email subscription or save them RSS reader.
    • "Contact" is to send me an email.

I value you & your comments, so don't be shy...join in around the table as we commune, share meals, & stories and Redeem it together.


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