My Sub List


As a mama I step right into certain rhythms within my day. I don't follow a list, chart or instructions, in order to know where I should place my next footstep. I take for granted how important I am in this family, especially when blood level is rising & blood sugar level is dropping.

Today I called in sick. I rarely call my sub (this fantastic guy I call husband). I have been tending to each person in the house for about three weeks now with some form of this nasty cold virus swarming around our town. I figured I was immune at this point, but a couple little critters crept in with full attack last night.

With Ben taking over (he does a great job), I forget how well I know my girls & their rhythms. I forget that I don't need to consult a list of what's next. I know when my girls get hungry before it happens. I know when to predict a trip to the potty for Tayers.

Sure they surprise me and keep me on my toes, but I know my girls. I guess you could say I'm an authority on all things related with V & Tay. It's good to know that just as I am an expert on my girls as their mama, so is God an expert on me as my papa God.

Be encouraged fellow mamas. Keep listening and paying attention to the rhythms of your children. Your work may go unnoticed or met with more tantrums than thankfulness, but no one knows your kids as well as you do. You are an expert in all things related to your little ones. So, give yourself some credit and embrace that anyone else would need to follow a sub list for your job.

P.S. And this job of raising little ones is probably the biggest form of hospitality one can give.


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