Best Christmas Gift

You know you've taken hold of one of the good ones, when come Christmas morning there are secrets that have been there for two months.  When they are the sweetest of secrets, where a mama opens up the box to find a collage photo shoot of her precious girls.   

I began to tear up seeing Tay and her soft long hair and chocolate brown eyes peer into mine.  I began to tear up to see V's curls and her kind eyes that squint when happy.  I couldn't get over how they were there & I was here.  Were they really that big?  

Ben did this while I was at the Relevant Conference and kept it a secret for two months.  He let them choose their shoes & tights.  V chose her tap shoes she would wear with her cow costume, while Tay chose the clogs I found at a thrift store (only two sizes too big).  


I couldn't put my finger on it as to why it meant so much.  Then, my friend Tina said, "Well, you're always with them.  And you are seeing them in a place you weren't with them."  Yes! This little secret that became a treasure to hold.  It's these girls that I know so well, and I feel like they've grown up like a flash.  They are so beautiful.

Oh how the days are long, but the years are short with these pictures reminding me of it constantly.  What did you get as a prized gift?