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Oh friends, here is a giveaway I can get behind. If you and I have ever gotten into a conversation on food, and the inevidentable question, "So Kamille, what's your favorite cookbook?" is posed, you know The Flavor Bible is hands down winner.

What is The Flavor Bible?


The Flavor Bible is not a cookbook, which is the disclosure I must always give. It's actually a food reference book. "A food reference what?!," you ask. Okay, so you have some beets in front of you, because they were in your CSA, or your beet farmer neighbor gave some to you. You scratch your head, because all you remember from beets is those canned things found in the salad bar growing up. You murmur, "If only I had a book that told me what beets tasted like, what to pair them with & ways to cook them?"


This is where The Flavor Bible comes into play. It's a fairly comprehensive food index/dictionary. You go to "B" for beets & find when they are in season, best ways to cook them (roast, raw, etc), their volume & natural pairings. You will find ingredients (pairings with the original ingredient you searched for, like beets in this instance) in regular, italic, bold, bold caps print. Under beets you would find that goat cheese pairs well.

Why do I LOVE it?


I hit a point in my cooking & baking where I felt as though recipes weren't inspiring. I often veer from recipes & alter, alter, alter. I imagine this is why sewing has never quite suited my fancy, because I'm not a skilled seamstress to not use patterns. The constraints on me in the kitchen based on someone else's creation feels stifling.


After acquiring enough cooking magazines & cookbooks, I needed a reference food book that would give me options on how to pair various spices, herbs & foods together. How could I increase my sense of taste? How could I navigate flavor profiles & palates more adequately, while not risking complete culinary ruin? The Flavor Bible was my answer. For instance, did you know lime, cherry, white chocolate & rhubarb work well together?

Once you have already acquired the skills to cook say, brisket, then you can transform it even more by creating new flavor profiles through The Flavor Bible. You also build your sense of taste by ensuring that every bite utilizes sour, bitter, salty, sweet (and even umami) by adding The Flavor Bible to your cooking repertoire.


The Flavor Bible authors Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg have graciously offered a free copy of their book to one of you lucky readers. Thank you Karen & Andrew!


How to Win


Everyone has three chances of winning, but you MUST fill out #1, before proceeding to #2 or #3. Be sure to come back to enter separate comments for each number you fulfilled so I know.


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Giveaway closes on Friday, December 2nd, 2011 at midnight EST. 

Giveaway is closed. Winner has been drawn using which chose lucky number 7, Albert who wrote:


"I would love to win as a gift for either my lovely wife or my brother who really doesn't use recipes at all (more just whatever he can find)."

Congratulations Albert!