Where is Shalom in Your Christmas?


Thanksgiving is over, Christmas season is in full-swing, which inevidently brings a shower of expectations.  You may have felt it in the days leading up to Turkey Day with making sure the food was just right, and the table fell out of an Entertaining magazine.  Too often, we find ourselves bustling about to fulfill a false perception of expectations we interpret from others.  Most likely, it is us putting one leg at a time in the pants of perfection.  

Will we have enough gifts under the tree?  Does the Advent calendar look spectacular?  Am I creating enough memories for my family?  Am I not creating anything?  

From the right to the left, forward & backward, we are bombarded by our ways of "doing" the holidays.  We strive to create beauty for the sake of beauty, without ever enjoying the small moments of helping our children put on their shoes as we glimpse into their souls.  

Today I was struck by my very first post I wrote, which would began this journey of Redeeming the Table.  Shalom for the Supermom.  I began asking myself, "Am I choosing to walk in Shalom? Am I choosing to allow Shalom to enter into every part of my being?  Am I finding my worth in the arms of a loving Savior, or am I allowing the traditions & busyness of the season to dictate my path?"  

I invite you to read & find rest before one more deal, one more checked item, but how I...

...need to wipe out the voices of even good intentioned people in my life, because it detracts me from my job, "the relentless pursuit of who God has made me to be."