Redeeming the Table in Other Places


It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I'm looking at my overflowing perverbial plate wondering how I'm to get everything done.  Once it hits mid-November, we begin running with birthdays until early January.  One of those birthdays is Ben's, which is Wednesday.  I hate how close his birthday is to Thanksgiving & the madness of the holidays closing in as we swim up for air.  As wife & partner to such an amazing person, I want to celebrate him, even though he doesn't require it.  

This is where the plate starts overflowing with too many side dishes.  I have offered my baking services for hire for Thanksgiving desserts this year.  I gave myself a deadline of Wednesday by 5:00pm, in order to ensure I would be free for the rest of the evening with my family.  Yet, it reminds me of those busy quarters in college where I wondered how I could possibly get it all done.  Prayers--I covet them. 

In order to sit down with a well-balanced meal without getting a stomach ache, I need to limit my social media & blogging time to pay tribute to family and other obligations.  However, I wanted to direct you to some exciting partnerships I'm contributing for or have already.

1. Real Food and Health

In the summer time, Heather (who is editor of RFH) contacted me about contributing a piece on hospitality for their new eMagazine to be released in September.  I was excited about the opportunity & completely humbled.  In that issue I wrote about how to pursue a hospitable life.  I'm excited to join the RFH team by contributing another piece on being confident in our hospitality, which is due to release January 1st.  Please come & check out the magazine either through the reader on the website or through Amazon.  I would love for you to support me in this endeavor & even give feedback to help grow the magazine.  


2. Sisters in Bloom 

Sisters In Bloom

Upon my six hour layover in the O'Hare airport, I met Denise who was going to the Relevant conference as well.  We ate lunch together, while sharing our heart stories.  Who knew that we only live a couple hours away from one another.  She is launching a new site called 'Sisters in Bloom' in February 2012.  There are 32 contributing writers.  The mission is:

women here to encourage the hearts of others, and build community and connections.

Support by liking the Facebook page:  You will stay updated on the release of the site & check out the other writers.  I'm looking forward to being apart of this group of dynamic ladies with various walks, stories & backgrounds; yet, we are coming together unified as lovers of Jesus.  



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