Pursuing Life


Pursuing Life

I would pursue who I was as a young girl.

There's this beauty of complete abandon that children embody.

The freedom to dance & twirl.  Sing without regard of melodies hitting a sharp note instead of a flat.  The awkward questions & phrases.  The disregard of what is "socially acceptable."  The lack of fear before anything has tainted their little souls & mind.


When I think of being a mama, I want to give room for this in my girls.  


There's Tay & her beating to the rhythm of her own drum.  She feels so passionately about life.  I don't want this to be lost.  

She hugs deeply, feels deeply & reconciles deeply.  She asks, "Mama, are you happy with me," sensing a pause, she interjects, "I love you Mama!" 

I love her for her gift of laughter.  She fills a room with laughter & smiles.  

All too often, we have a seriousness..a consternation that pervades the world.  What I too often fail to see is my need for laughter & silliness.  Does God really want us to play & laugh?  Sometimes I believe not.  This little gem of a girl gives me that gift.  Her snuggles & need for reconciliation.  

She digs her heals in deeply & shouts, "NO" with conviction; but, when she recognizes her wrong--she is undone.  She seeks harmony--a redemption of sorts.  It's her hearing those words the great Rescuer said some 2000 years ago on that stormy sea--PEACE.  Those with a humble heart submit.

Her willingness to learn & glean as much as her little person can breathe in like drinking cup upon cup without coming up for air.  Her want to gulp it all.

Do a work in her that leads this spirit with such fervor & hope.  A joyful rhythm marching on the darkness of despair, which gives hope to the brokenhearted.  Breathe a sensitivity to the goodness you offer Jesus & allow her to share it with this world.  Empower her to constantly pursue life.